„Anatomy of a Tragedy”, duo show Ada Muntean and Mathias Bar at X FLUX Studio

Anatomy of a Tragedy is a work in progress type project, made in 2022, based on the major social changes that have taken place both globally and regionally in the last two years and can be seen as a continuation to the exhibition Anatomy of a Knock-Out from X Flux Studio in 2021 for the White Night of Galleries. Anatomy of a Tragedy does not wish to portray the Covid 19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine in a predictable and descriptive way but offers an intimate approach regarding concepts of tragedy, disaster, catastrophe in a private space.

TRAGEDY 1. the literary genre of drama in which the action presents characters in conflict with life and human passions, leading to a fatal outcome, that generates feelings of pity and pain. 2. a shattering event, catastrophe ♢ (fig.) struggle, sorrow (< fr. tragédie, lat. tragoedia, it. tragedia)

The Greek philosopher Aristotle reveals in his Poetics the fact that tragedy leads to chatharsis (purification) of the public’s pity and fear through the feelings and suffering of the dramatic characters. Not all works of tragedy lead to this type of cathartic finale, some ending on a neutral or even slightly hopeful tone. In the end, what constitutes a “tragedy” becomes a pertinent question.

Anatomy of a Tragedy does not aim exclusively to resolve or analyse descriptively the concept of tragedy, but starting from the idea of catastrophe, creates a red thread with certain focal points that are easily recognisable in the actual visible reality of everyone. Thus, each artist chooses a space in the X Flux Studio to create the context for a personal perception and reflection regarding the concept of tragedy and its present manifestations.


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