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It was 1985.I was living in this shitty basement down in Brooklyn. I was eating hot dogs all day so I could save my soul. Outside was madness, thugs with knives, American grandmas mugging immigrant kids, police thinking they were

I grew up with surrealism. I took it for granted that art is essentially an act of freedom. You react to the world totally freely. I met many artists in New York who believed progress is linear, from figure to

One of the most iconic plays of the XX-th century, Waiting for Godot written by Samuel Becket in 1953 (the title paraphrasing the term „waiting for God” from the existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger) develops into several scenes with no narrative

The most famous poster and design artist from South Korea, Byoungil Sun, who was invited to host a personal exhibition at the 10th edition of Art Safari, with the support of the Embassy of The Republic of Korea, spoke to

Before the official opening of the 10th edition of Art Safari, on September 23rd, Propagarta spoke to the two curators of the long-awaited exhibition dedicated to John Constable, one of the most important landscape artists of Great Britain. Dr. Emily

Praying for the snow’’, is a soloexhibition hosted by IOMO Gallery, focused on the recent production of Romanian artist Remus Grecu,and curated by Alice Zucca. In numerous novels as well as in popular culture, snow is the guardian of memories.Under

We leave traces. On our bodies and on the others. In the city and on the planet. Whether we want to or not. The signs we generate can be decoded or remain incomprehensible. We act upon their interpretation. Once marked out and

“What matters to us (today)” represents a first episode in a series of exhibitions that aims to conduct a research and a radiography (in progress) of the latest contemporary artistic narratives as they are articulated and written by Romanian artists

Anatomy of a Tragedy is a work in progress type project, made in 2022, based on the major social changes that have taken place both globally and regionally in the last two years and can be seen as a continuation

Art is a cryptic messenger, but the art meme is its cultural nemesis. Memes really are little windows into the world, into the zeitgeist and into the vastness of human potential. The meme is the message, and the message has

"Mediating Illusion. The Temptation to Exist" is the first solo exhibition of Ada Muntean in Switzerland, at Estopia Art Gallery Lugano. As the title suggests, the exhibition starts from a visual reinterpretation of some key ideas from the Temptation to

Common Details I A changing exhibition" questions the experience over the past years, reiterating a constant interest in the author's artistic practice over the use of drawing as a tool for reflection on personal digital archive. Since the lockdown, the

Julia Haumont (b. 1991, France) debuts in the local artistic context with works that have already proved her creative abilities in the French space, outlining a specific aesthetic, related to the claim of a lost childhood. The constituent elements of

Continuing the curatorial format "LOVE LETTER TO […]", created in 2021 as part of the TRIUMF AMIRIA concept, KILOBASE BUCHAREST and KUNSTHALLE BEGA Timișoara present LOVE LETTER TO IRINA BUJOR and LOVE LETTER TO MIHAI MIHALCEA - two exhibitions which

“Landscape of objects becoming an eye” is Mountaincutters’ first solo exhibition at Suprainfinit gallery. The show entails a mix of new and existing works that are reconfigured in the gallery space as fluid and processual large-scale, fragmented installations. The artist’s duo

Manifesting the present is tightly linked to the past and the future. The past influences the present, and the present perpetually corrupts the future. Presence is always governed by absence. Action and reaction. To avoid limiting our grasp, we have

Estopia Art Gallery Lugano is hosting the exhibition Headies, by Alexandru Ciubotariu, a.k.a. Pisica Pătrată / The Square Cat, one of Romania’s most acclaimed street artists. For his first solo in Switzerland, after the last two years of the pandemic, the

Divario presents, Wednesday 01 June 2022 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Via Famagosta 33, Rome) Tararira, a solo show by Romanian artist Ovidiu Leuce, whose work is characterized by his knowing and divergent use of collage techniques, and his study

L'Année dernière à Malmaison is the exhibition that had its opening last Saturday, on 21st of May, at /SAC Malmaison. Artists from all over Europe, whose works are presented in the exhibition, along with the two curators, many of their