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Propagarta in english

“Landscape of objects becoming an eye” is Mountaincutters’ first solo exhibition at Suprainfinit gallery. The show entails a mix of new and existing works that are reconfigured in the gallery space as fluid and processual large-scale, fragmented installations. The artist’s duo

Manifesting the present is tightly linked to the past and the future. The past influences the present, and the present perpetually corrupts the future. Presence is always governed by absence. Action and reaction. To avoid limiting our grasp, we have

Estopia Art Gallery Lugano is hosting the exhibition Headies, by Alexandru Ciubotariu, a.k.a. Pisica Pătrată / The Square Cat, one of Romania’s most acclaimed street artists. For his first solo in Switzerland, after the last two years of the pandemic, the

Divario presents, Wednesday 01 June 2022 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (Via Famagosta 33, Rome) Tararira, a solo show by Romanian artist Ovidiu Leuce, whose work is characterized by his knowing and divergent use of collage techniques, and his study

L'Année dernière à Malmaison is the exhibition that had its opening last Saturday, on 21st of May, at /SAC Malmaison. Artists from all over Europe, whose works are presented in the exhibition, along with the two curators, many of their

Before the official opening of the exhibition hosted this year by the Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Propagarta conducted an interview with the curators of the project "You are another me - A cathedral of the body", initiated by

photo: Dominique Meienberg, 2017. Adrian taking care of (dusting) Cabaret Voltaire, an artwork by Kerim Seiler (CH) named «Cabaret Voltaire as Sculpture», 2016. Adrian Notz (*1977 in Zurich) is a freelance curator and curator at the Tichy Ocean Foundation, Mentor of