Cătălin Burcea solo show at Diptych Art Space

„Manifesting the present is tightly linked to the past and the future. The past influences the present, and the present perpetually corrupts the future. Presence is always governed by absence. Action and reaction. To avoid limiting our grasp, we have to migrate our senses from one domain to another. Event horizon, the boundary of the gravitational field that doesn’t permit the free flow of information. Or the safety limit of an outside observer. Absorption in the singularity mixer. The black hole as the starting and ending point. A distant past time, that you’ll never remember and never seize again. The present becomes a bridge from the past to the future. The future becomes an uncertain whole governed by the tomorrow perspective.
The present becomes the past, the events unrepeatable. The unlikelihood to “accurate” store the present. The curiosity about an universal memory. The impossibility of repeating the past. The longing to re access it.
The metaphor embeds borrowed meanings. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. The information gets absorbed and stored. Everything leads to singularity. The past becomes at some point a whole. Until then, we seek mnemonic devices to navigate it. Burcea creates a dystopian situation, appealing to the black hole of the past, juggling with the event horizon. Everything leads to singularity. The present becomes a remote perspective, governed by schematism, impossible to recreate ad litteram.” Lina Țărmure, curator


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