Ovidiu Leuce’s solo show at Divario gallery in Rome

Divario presents, Wednesday 01 June 2022 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (Via Famagosta 33, Rome) Tararira, a solo show by Romanian artist Ovidiu Leuce, whose work is characterized by his knowing and divergent use of collage techniques, and his study and exploitation of ceramics as a natural expression of painting in a space.
His art includes paintings, drawings and sculptures with an unusual, delicate and poetic aspect, which seek to represent inward panoramas emerging from real experiences, personal memories and literary sources.
Thanks to a refined process of deconstructing the image, bits of reality, otherwise left unobserved, are in his works transformed into points of interest that lead us to look at everything around us with different eyes, revealing a possible place where one’s personal story can change the very meaning of reality.
The show takes its inspiration from the avant-garde film Tararira(1933), the sole cinematic work of BenjaminFundoianu, the versatile Romanian poet and philosopher of Jewish origins, who died in 1944 in a gas chamber at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
In making the film, the author sought to carry on the Dadaist spirit with its power to subvert reality, but today an aesthetic or philosophical interpretation of the film is essentially impossible, as every copy of it has been lost.
Ovidiu Leuce has attempted to fill in this gap by creating surreal panoramas and “stage props” of pure invention. By mixing fragments of the Roman landscape, fragments of plants, minerals and writing, he imagines to recreate the sets and especially the musical atmosphere of the film. A sort of a homage to the lost work and to its author.
„The opening will be accompanied by a musical performance by Filippo Lilli and Mattia Abballe. 


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